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Bong Water

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Wait - what?


Strawbabies has been working on a new form of hydration: CBD water. 

As of right now, this product is currently in the design stage, where I am working diligently on bottle design, sourcing ethical and eco-friendly manufacturing, quality CBD from certified farms, and educating myself on CBD laws within the US, as many states vary. 

In 2017 I had an opportunity to interview an entrepreneur in Gunter, Texas, who was planning on purchasing an old cotton gin for growing and processing cannabis. Patrick Moran, CEO and managing partner of AcquiFlow LLC, saw an opportunity with Texas' recent legalization of CBD. 

I also spoke with the mayor of Gunter, Tim Slattery, and he had an incredibly personal story and dedication to the hemp-derivative. His best friend's daughter has had seizures since she was a baby, and the only thing that has aided her epilepsy was CBD. He stressed that CBD is not THC and does not offer a euphoric high like THC. 

At that time I was 17, and I had no idea how large of an impact this would have on so many futures, including my own. Today, CBD seems so normalized in Texas, from oils, gummies, and vapes, to dog treats, the uses seem limitless while bringing relief to many who suffer from seizures or even general anxiety. 

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