Welcome to 2022!
Welcome to 2022!
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Spring 2021

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The past few months have been crazy for me. In December I broke my wrist learning to roller skate, and was in a cast for 2 months. During that time I could not work at all - which really put my behind and put a damper on my mental health. 

During those two months I felt like a burden. I could barely do necessary care tasks for myself like brush my teeth or make food for myself. I couldn't clean my home. I couldn't do anything that made me feel productive. 

I was so happy to get my cast off that I wasted no time in beginning my spring/summer line. I didn't have time to create new clothing, so I decided to set my focus on candle making and this is officially my largest release yet! 

My original goal was April 10th for my release, but I found I was producing my candles much faster than when I started in September, so consider today the official release date with a few extra fragrances being dropped here and there among restocks. 

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