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Strawbabies is a small company based in Dorchester, Texas. Currently products are only available online, but working towards local farmer's markets in the Collin County area by Spring 2021. 

Strawbabies online site became publicly available on September 13, 2020. Strawbabies is owned solely by myself, Midori Brown, a local artist. 

I strive for quality and products unlike anything out there. Clothing often stars a minimalist design while accessories and decor go with bolder patterns. Candles are 100% handmade and hand decorated. They are produced in small batches one fragrance at a time with all colors and scent combinations hand mixed by myself.

Environmentalism will always play a strong hand in this company, and I am constantly working on new, greener initiatives for the future. Before the site could go public, I wanted to ensure we had some eco-friendly options available. I've worked with suppliers to include a selection of clothing items that include recycled materials.

I am currently working a discount to encourage local customers to return their used candle jars to eliminate waste and promote sustainable recycling and reuse when possible. This will mean local delivery will be available soon. In the meantime, all jars have chalkboard label, meaning if you choose to reuse your jar, simply wash off the old lettering and add your own with chalk or chalk markers!

Thank you for your time and happy shopping!